Upcoming Events

Tattoo shows, conventions, & exhibits are just a few of the places you can find Iconic Tattoo & Piercing outside the shop.


Iconic Tattoo & Piercing and Friday the 13th Event

Something Wicked This Way Comes ... Will You Be Ready?! Join Us At Iconic Tattoo & Piercing On Friday The 13th For Our $13 Tattoo's! Yes, we will be doing $13 Halloween Flash with a mandatory $7 tip (If you want to tip your artist more, please do)! If you would like color, it will be $31 with a mandatory $9 tip. This is a fun thing that we enjoy doing & love being able to pay tribute to an old tradition. 

We will be open from 11AM on Friday the 13th, & taking our last clientele at 9PM. Be sure to check back as we will be posting up the flash within the next couple of days!

Are you getting excited yet? I know we are & cannot wait to see you all here! Stay creepy our friends & we'll see you all soon!!



Phoenix Comicon 2018

May 24-27, 2017

More info coming soon!


Arizona Tattoo Invitational 2018

April 27-29th
Join the entire crew of Iconic Tattoo, along with Poch Tattoos and Roman Abrego of Artistic Element, as well as some of the top tattoo artists on the West Coast.

Hollis and the Iconic crew are looking to take home some big awards for this weekend, so if you have an idea for a killer tattoo, contact the shop ASAP, so we can make this happen.